Meet The Locals - Dinner with Locals

Duration : 1.5 hours


Try finest authentic Emirati food with Emirati nationals (starters, mains and desserts) 

Guests will be encouraged and guided how they can have food using their hand not cutlery (optional, if they like to try)

Introduction to Emirati dinner and explanation of the different dishes offered 

Other cultural information will be shared by the Emirati host 

Guests can ask the host any questions they would like to know about the UAE and its culture 


A unique authentic culinary treat unlike anything you've ever experienced before. Enjoy outstanding and flavorsome local cuisine whilst Emirati nationals guide you on this flavorful journey and introduce their culture.

Trying traditional food is a way to experience the visiting country culture, what enriches the experience further is trying the food with the local people! locals can explain to the guests about their traditional food, how they prepare it, when they have it, what ingredients they use and much more. Meet The Locals offers this opportunity for the guests of the UAE. Our Emirati dinner experience is rich in cultural content where guest can get the chance to try authentic traditional meals with Emirati nationals and be introduced to their local cuisine, tradition and culture.

  • Emirati Host
  • Explanation of Emirati food
  • Instructions on how to eat food the traditional way (using hands)
  • Food (started, mains and dessert)  
  • Mineral Water and Soft Drink
  • Arabic Coffee and Emirati dessert
  • Discuss about various cultural topics depending on guests questions
  • 1. Transportation
  • 2. Any orders beside what is offered in the event
Cancellation Policy

Non-refundable and 100% charged on no-shows.

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Guests are required to respect the start and end times