Bedouin Culture Safari

Duration : 5 hours


Arrive at the Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve. Receive your Adventure Pack and put on your Sheila/Ghutra (traditional headscarf).

Embark on a traditional camel caravan across the sand dunes (15 minutes).

Explore the traditional village with Bedouin tents, cooking stations, farm animals and learn about Bedouin life.

Enjoy a traditional Bedouin breakfast

Nature drive through the Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve (60 minutes approx) in a legendary 1950s Land Rover


Experience life as a Bedouin nomad, learning how to survive in Dubai’s unforgiving desert. Immerse yourself in this ultimate culture safari to see how these hardy and resourceful people herded, hunted, camped, and thrived.

Immerse yourself in the ultimate cultural experience with this hands-on desert safari. See first-hand how the Bedouin lived and survived the desert – by camel and even by vintage Land Rover. At a nomadic-inspired camp, you will meet with Bedouin storytellers and a friendly Saluki dog and falcon. Learn how our Emirati ancestors used to herd, hunt, and thrive by using their resources. Experience a traditional Emirati breakfast and join in authentic Bedouin performances. This experiential morning is sure to give you insight into the rich culture and heritage of the United Arab Emirates and the people that made it the beautiful country it is.

  • Shared pick up from Dubai hotels on a  between 05:30 AM and 07:00 AM, depending on the season. We will inform you of the exact pick-up time the afternoon before your Safari.
  • Receive your Adventure Pack (Headscarf, Stainless Steel Water Bottle and Bag). 
  • Traverse the desert, like a true nomad, by camel to an authentic Bedouin village. The camel ride is 15 minutes long, and each camel can accommodate two guests.
  • Explore a traditional village with Bedouin tents, cooking stations and farm animals.
  • Get friendly with a Saluki dog and engage in a 25-minute falconry performance.
  • Savour a traditional Emirati breakfast and learn how it’s prepared. 
  • Listen to Bedouin storytellers and learn more about their rich heritage.
  • Partake in a traditional dance performance with young locals.
  • Embark on a nature Safari in a vintage Land Rover (60 minutes).
  • Return to the hotel between 10:30 AM and 12:00 PM, depending on the season. Your total experience will last approximately five hours.
  • Gratuity
  • Photos and Videos
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