Dubai Garden Glow With Access to Glow Park and Dinosaur Park
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Duration : 90 mins


Witness exquisite displays of sculptures and installations constructed with handmade lights

Experience the dawn of the dinosaurs through the 3 periods Triassic, Jurassic and Cretaceous to the end, showcasing more than 120 animatronic dinosaurs


Dubai Garden Glow is located in Zabeel Park and is the world's first unique themed garden made up of iconic zones including Glow Park, Dinosaur Park and Magic Park. The park features dazzling installations and sculptures created by artists from around the globe which illuminate vividly in the dark using over 10 million energy-saving light bulbs and yards of recycled luminous fabrics.

Dubai Garden Glow stands out as an extraordinary theme park, known for its lively atmosphere, captivating light displays, and remarkable larger-than-life installations. Visitors are treated to an array of unique and engaging experiences. Wander through the Glow Park where you'll be fascinated by illuminated exhibits featuring famous landmarks and mesmerizing glowing animal sculptures. Transport yourself to the prehistoric era within the dinosaur-themed area, where life-size replicas offer a fascinating glimpse into the past. Indulge in the captivating experience of the Art Park, which unveils extraordinary masterpieces crafted by talented artists from around the globe. With its diverse dining choices and captivating live performances, Dubai Garden Glow is by far one of the favourite destinations among families who seek a magical evening experience.

  • Access to Glow Park
  • Access to Dinosaur Park
  • Access to Art Park¬†
  • Magic Park
  • Food and beverages
  • Transfers
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