Casa 21 Underground Dining Experience
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Duration : 3.5 hours


Unique menu and dining experience

Networking/engaging with people over a meal


Making life endlessly delicious by connecting food and dining experience lovers with one-off, enthralling experiences.

Embark on an 8 course culinary journey (tasting menu) from one of the best underground dining chefs in town, Chef Jatin from Casa 21, as he takes you through flavors from his childhood and his extensive travel influences. This is a surprise menu and you get to guess the dishes once you are seated at the table with the help of an interactive sheet provided! Suitable for both vegetarian as well as non vegetarian food enthusiasts. The menu differs as per the month's theme and offers various dishes such as succulent miso glazed lamb chops, savory mushroom risotto, and a wholesome consommé. Just as we blend different spices in the food to enhance the taste, a shared meal can bring together a blend of people around the table sharing different views and ideas that enhance the very experience of relishing the food! This is a truly elevated dining experience that you don’t want to miss, as you meet and network with some of the most interesting people around town.

  • Food & non-alcoholic beverage (water and custom drinks except aerated beverages) 
  • Aerated Drinks
  • Alcoholic beverages
  • Transportation to and from the experience
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Guests are required to respect the start and end times