Luxury Electric Catamaran Ride - 30 min
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Duration : 30 mins


Embark on an eco-friendly journey aboard the fully electric and emission-free catamarans.

Marvel at the mesmerising sights of the iconic Atlantis and Royal Atlantis.

Enjoy a self-drive experience for up to 2 guests, offering a perfect blend of luxury and sustainability. 

Indulge in the comfortable and luxurious interior, including Bluetooth connectivity and intuitive joystick controls.


Embark on an eco-friendly journey aboard our luxurious electric catamarans and discover the stunning view along Palm Jumeirah's seashores.

Set sail for an eco-friendly journey around the Palm Jumeirah with Costa Azzurra Water Sports, offering an innovative experience aboard luxurious electric catamarans. The fully electric, emission-free catamarans provide a clean and sustainable way to explore the stunning views of Atlantis and Royal Atlantis. This self-drive experience for up to 2 guests provides a perfect blend of sustainability and luxury with its meticulously designed interiors and intuitive joystick controls, ensuring an effortless ride. Connect your own music via Bluetooth and set the perfect ambiance as you glide along the seashores of the Palm Jumeirah. By blending outstanding service with environmental commitment, Costa Azzurra Water Sports guarantees an unforgettable experience.

  • 30 min luxury electric catamaran ride
  • Free parking  up to 3 hours 
  • Transfers
  • Food & Beverages 
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Guests are required to respect the start and end times